• This Easter Monday, there’s some excitement in the air and it's hard to contain the children's restlessness. The reason why is our traditional outing of the year: a family picnic to celebrate Easter. This [...]

    Published On: April 1st, 20242.9 min read
  • Have you ever wondered how to discover life at sea in the most sustainable way possible? Well, grab your kayaks and paddles and let’s kayak towards the waters of Tamarin Bay. At 6:30, we [...]

    Published On: October 27th, 20232.1 min read
  • Allow me to give you an exclusive glimpse of Mautourco’s MICE department! As I joined Mautourco’s MICE team in September 2022, little did I know that I was meeting with what I would consider [...]

    Published On: September 29th, 20234.7 min read
  • In Mauritius, long ago, one could find washerwomen at work on our riverbanks. It was the favourite place where the women of the village met for their usual daily household’s laundry. First, it was [...]

    Published On: August 18th, 20232 min read
  • Melting pot! Mosaic Island! Multicultural island! So many expressions to describe one of the greatest treasures of Mauritius: an ethnic pluralism that makes it an exceptional island. An island with “ras melanze” (mixed races), [...]

    Published On: August 4th, 20232.2 min read
  • On the wedding day the bride woke up before sunrise in a house bubbling with excitement. She ate only a few mouthfuls of kheer (sweetened rice cooked in milk) surrounded by some younger cousins [...]

    Published On: July 7th, 20232.8 min read
  • On Thursday evening, the bride and groom’s house were already a carnival of merriment and gaiety. The festivities usually start with the mehendi ceremony. While the bride was dressed simply, henna was applied on her [...]

    Published On: June 30th, 20232.8 min read