• Turmeric, known locally as "safran" holds a cherished place in Mauritian cuisine, infusing dishes with its vibrant color and distinct flavour. From Vasco da Gama (Portuguese explorer who set foot on the island in [...]

    Published On: June 27th, 20242.4 min read
  • You just have to ask any Mauritian, and you’ll know what a "zasar" is, a Creole word for pickles, spicy condiments made from vegetables or fruits to accompany typical Mauritian dishes, usually served with [...]

    Published On: March 22nd, 20242.4 min read
  • There is a variety of rare fruits in Mauritius that are only found in certain parts of the world. These fruits tend to disappear when they deserve to be brought back on the market due [...]

    Published On: August 5th, 20221.7 min read
  • At this time of the year, during your trails in the Black River Gorges or other wooded areas, you may come across small, firm, and shiny, dark purple fruits that would attract your attention. [...]

    Published On: June 24th, 20221.3 min read
  • Do you know which is the most consumed fruit in Mauritius? It’s the banana that was introduced from China during the 18th century by Charles Edward Telfair, an Irish botanist! Our hot and humid [...]

    Published On: June 3rd, 20221.9 min read
  • “Pistas sale! Pistas bwi!” (Salted pistachios! Boiled pistachios!) These words are chanted at the top of the voice by our "pistas" vendors across the island. By way of introduction, it is important to note [...]

    Published On: February 18th, 20221.8 min read
  • In 1639, the Dutch introduced sugar cane from Java to the island. During the 18th century, this plant quickly became the main source of our economy, but over the years, production decreased, and the [...]

    Published On: January 28th, 20221.8 min read
  • The history of tea in Mauritius begins with the introduction of Ceylon tea in 1886. Over the years, this tea will be adapted to the exotic taste of the tropics with the vanilla tea [...]

    Published On: October 8th, 20212.1 min read
  • Saturday: An imperative duty leads me to the new wing of the shopping center in Moka, Mauritius.  At teatime, I crave for something original and tasty. Choices are wide, but my favourite one is [...]

    Published On: September 17th, 20212.4 min read
  • Landing in Grand Port in 1598, the Dutch were seduced by the lush nature of this plot of land which they named 'Mauritius' in honor of the Prince Maurice of Nassau. Silhouettes of palm [...]

    Published On: August 6th, 20213 min read
  • In the heights at the entrance of Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark, a unique geological phenomenon highly recommended for visits, with shades of green all around, are found coffee trees. The ripe and red [...]

    Published On: July 30th, 20212.9 min read
  • Long time back in Mauritius magnificent bamboo hedges, known as the Bambusa Multiplex, were planted to protect the mansions in the heights of the central plateau. These pruned hedges, a real treat of freshness [...]

    Published On: June 11th, 20211.2 min read
  • Known under the scientific name of Furcrea Gigantea, it is uncertain whether this plant from which fibre is extracted was originally of indigenous growth or introduced in the island of Mauritius. It is believed [...]

    Published On: April 30th, 20211.1 min read
  • We are forever grateful in Mauritius to benefit from a moderate climate temperature throughout the year. This condition allows us to fully enjoy tropical fruits and vegetables. One of the most amazing, requiring very [...]

    Published On: April 23rd, 20211.3 min read
  • Appearing on earth 100 to 130 million years ago, the Cycas is the only genus currently known in the Cycadaceae family. It is represented by these plants, considered as relic for they have not [...]

    Published On: April 16th, 20211 min read
  • When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone. The elements that emerge are practically the same in [...]

    Published On: April 2nd, 20211.8 min read
  • The demand for seasonal fruit consumption diminished with the closure of the borders to tourism. The gardens of Mauritius soon found themselves with a surplus of fruits, some of which were formerly considered as [...]

    Published On: March 19th, 20211.2 min read
  • Our guest this week is Jacques de Spéville, wildlife photographer, specialized in birds photo-shooting in nature. Their plumage, of outstanding colours have no secrets for him! Demonstrating his passion and showcasing these flying species [...]

    Published On: January 29th, 20214 min read
  • I was walking along a beach on an uninhabited island in Mauritius when I saw a baby Mangrove that looked very fragile. The small plant was fighting against currents that made it swing from [...]

    Published On: January 22nd, 20211.6 min read
  • As I entered her kitchen, a pleasant mix of aromas invites me to stop and try to distinguish what is on the menu of the day. All around her, displayed in well aligned small [...]

    Published On: November 20th, 20202.3 min read
  • Formerly Moringa, commonly known in Mauritius as "Bred Mouroum" or "Bred medaille" was planted along cemeteries and served as natural fences. A food plant with 92 nutrients that can reach 10 meters in height, [...]

    Published On: November 6th, 20201.6 min read
  • Do you fancy starches? What could be better than a beautiful cylindrical cassava vegetable root to treat your taste buds? A plant introduced in Mauritius by the French governor Mahe de Labourdonnais to meet [...]

    Published On: October 23rd, 20201.6 min read
  • In Mauritius, where ponds, lakes as well as reservoirs, water sources and rock basins abound, one can find lots of small crayfish, called in the local jargon ‘ti sevrett’ or sevrett la rivier ’. [...]

    Published On: October 9th, 20201.8 min read
  • It was my first outing to the beach after total deconfinement. I was quite surprised to see the regrowth of the creeping batatran vine that sneaks quietly towards the sea along the beach in [...]

    Published On: June 24th, 20200.8 min read
  • Along the beach in Albion, the one that leads to the lighthouse and where rocks and pebbles entangle, I noticed several shrubs growing wild, their size ranging from 3 to 8 meters. From their [...]

    Published On: August 8th, 20191.1 min read
  • The breadfruit, from its scientific name Artocarpus Altilis, is commonly known in Mauritius as the Madegone. This big spherical fruit that grows on a tree which can reach 15 meters high, is used to [...]

    Published On: July 18th, 20191.9 min read
  • Angela had been coughing for some time and her health did not seem to improve, despite a visit to the doctor and consequent prescribed medication. As perky as she was and being on school [...]

    Published On: June 20th, 20193.5 min read
  • While I was on a stroll in the high-perched village of Chamarel around the end of the month of April, I saw countless wild pepper trees, producing an abundance of pink peppercorn. The plant’s [...]

    Published On: May 16th, 20192 min read
  • They say the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the early riser plucks the fruit. The beginning of April is a great time to visit Plaine Champagne in Mauritius, found at 600 [...]

    Published On: April 11th, 20193.8 min read
  • My name is Ixora. She picked me up at the nursery, firmly resolved to carry me away. Great, I said to myself! I hope she takes good care of me, and I will quickly [...]

    Published On: March 28th, 20192.1 min read
  • Where do those yellow birds come from? The ones which make nests resembling upside-down flasks, with a bottom entrance? asked the cute little boy I had accompanied to Pointe aux Piments beach in Mauritius [...]

    Published On: February 27th, 20192.3 min read
  • Rosa: a pretty feminine name, popularly used in Latin American soap operas.  This is however not about a television show. To Rosa, we have added the letter T and it refers to a luscious, [...]

    Published On: January 17th, 20192 min read
  • Seasons come and seasons go. With the New Year countdown come the merry days. Who could be oblivious to a Delonix Regia (Flamboyant tree) in full bloom? This tree, native to the neighboring island of [...]

    Published On: December 20th, 20182.8 min read
  • “Close your eyes and hold out your hand!” Who remembers this cheeky game, full of delightful surprises, played in our childhood? I recently had this fun experience again when a precious little child with [...]

    Published On: November 29th, 20182.5 min read
  • I was invited to spend a weekend in the countryside in early October and I was delighted to discover some rare fruits, which were reminiscent of my childhood days in Mauritius: long bilimbis, sour [...]

    Published On: October 12th, 20183.9 min read
  • Is there any pleasure derived from arriving earlier than scheduled for an appointment? I wondered after my serendipitous encounter with Maya, on a bright sunny winter morning in Mauritius. Allow me to guide you [...]

    Published On: August 30th, 20184.3 min read
  • Lying back on a deckchair, facing the turquoise lagoon of crystal water down in the South West of Mauritius, with an outstretched arm, I liberally applied refined coconut oil on my skin to prolong [...]

    Published On: July 16th, 20183.8 min read