MICE department: Insights from a Senior MICE Consultant

This week, we will discover more about Fabrice Jodun., our Senior MICE Consultant who joined Mautourco in 2007. Integrating the MICE department at some point in his career at Mautourco, was something he had always dreamt of since he joined the company, while being fully aware that it was a very demanding department.

His motivation for joining the MICE department has been his fascination for the event industry but also, his admiration for the trust that the clients place into the team to conceptualise their ideas from A-Z and, to see same come into life. In fact, since becoming part of the MICE team in 2015, he has been able to contribute to the creation of some memorable events. He stated that among the most unforgettable events was the organisation of a carnival for a leading car dealer in South Africa, where the event planner was looking for a one-of-a-kind event and the team proposed a carnival. Not only did the MICE team members suggested this idea, but they also had set up the whole event; from going to the hardware store to buy materials, to figuring out how to find the appropriate vehicles to turn them into carnival’s floats, imposing theme to each team, finding dressmakers who would be willing to come at the beach to sew each team’s suits. The event aimed to sponsor needy children in the region. There were about twenty floats all around a luxury resort in the Morne Peninsula, each one with a specific theme: jungle and many more. Another unforgettable event was the one organised for a well-known French brand of DIY stores, who brought with them a famous French DJ of Moroccan origin.

Fabrice believes that his previous experiences in the reservation and commercial departments have helped a lot in making him a MICE person. It was important for him to have such knowledge before moving on to the MICE department’s challenges. As a MICE Senior Consultant, the most important aspects to consider when working on a proposal for a group is the client’s budget and demographic characteristics. It is crucial to remain within the budget and not go one rupee above while also offering the best possible activities and services. At the same time, it is major that the activities being proposed are suitable for the age group, lifestyle and even the market that they come from. He acknowledges that the best ways to make a memorable impact on a group event, are to be flexible, to be attentive to your guests and have the ability to read between the lines while being empathic.

What he loves the most about his job, remains the interaction with the clients and the adrenaline that each group brings, which is never the same. He also mentions the incredible relationship that he shares with his colleagues, being the only man in this department. Fabrice also stipulates that the skills acquired through his job also serves him in the other parts of his life as well as in the company: be it as a member of the Mautourco football team or as being a lead champion on a specific project, he learned that it is important to never give up even if things are not easy or requiring him to go out of his comfort zone. In fact, as he evolved in his career path and got promoted as a Senior Consultant, the post also came with all its challenges. He now has more engagement in terms of responsibilities and accountability towards the clients. He shared with us that some of the best indicators of success on a group activity is the feedback from the event planner and the guests themselves, and most importantly the trust and loyalty that the partners place in Mautourco’s MICE team to continuously choose to come back.

Meeting up with Fabrice, showed us that being in the MICE department, transforms you and brings out the best in yourself: patience, empathy, passion, and kindness. We can only wish Fabrice all the best in his job and hope that every challenge embraced brings opportunities for him to grow and shine and keep enjoying his job.

Anne – Sophie

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