Frequently Asked Questions.

Airport – How many airports are there in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:26:13+04:00

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is the main and only international airport in Mauritius.


Banks and foreign exchange counters are normally open weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Beach – Is it safe to swim in Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:59:47+04:00

Swimming is safe if you stick to the rules. Like elsewhere there are currents in Mauritius. Swim only in the recommended areas set aside for bathing. The Mauritius Beach Authority displays boards on beaches where swimming is not safe.

Beach hawkers2022-03-04T15:07:47+04:00
  • Do not purchase products or services from unauthorized persons. Always ask for their operating license.
  • Ask for the price before any purchase.
  • Watch out for those that are too tenacious.
  • Make sure your purse is out of sight and don’t bring valuables with you.
Clothing – What should I wear in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:32:43+04:00

Tropical clothing such as light weight cotton or linen suits, dresses or short-sleeved clothes are most advisable. Or else, dress is casual although most hotels do not allow guests to wear shorts or T-shirts in the restaurants or bars in the evenings. Between June and October, a jacket or cardigan is recommended. Dress appropriately when visiting religious shrines and remove shoes when entering mosques and temples.

Counterfeit articles2022-03-04T15:08:35+04:00

Beware of counterfeit articles. Renowned brands that you find on market stalls may not be authentic.

Cultural Sites2022-08-22T11:32:52+04:00
  • Guests are advised to monitor their behaviour and abide by the site specific restrictions during visits.
  • Historical and archeological artifacts are not permitted to be sold,  traded  or displayed except as permitted by local and international law.
Currency – What currency is used throughout Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:48:58+04:00

The national currency in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee. Credit/debit cards are also widely used. ATMs are available throughout the island dispensing local currency. Like in most destinations it is wise to have some local currency for minor purchases.


The water temperature in Mauritius is ideal most of the year and diving is extremely pleasant in all seasons. The remote location of the island led to the evolution of a diversity of marine life which makes Mauritius excellent for diving.

Beginners can start at the narrow side of the ocean, whereas experienced and certified divers can go straight for the more daring dive sites such as caverns, cliffs, pinnacles, reefs, and wrecks.

If you are not PADI certified, you can learn to dive in safe and controlled conditions under the direct supervision of the most qualified PADI instructors in Mauritius. You can choose from 1 day – PADI Initiation diving courses or complete diving certificate programs (3 – 5 days) at the boat house of the hotel.

Family friendly – Is Mauritius family friendly?2022-03-04T10:36:40+04:00

Mauritius is a great destination for a family vacation with several resorts throughout the country accommodating those of all ages. With much to do it is not only for couples, although this is a significant part of our tourism.

Food – What to eat in Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:49:50+04:00

Often defined as the ‘melting pot of flavours’, Mauritius offers a large variety of food from different cuisines. From Chinese, Indian, European or Mauritian cuisine the choice is wide. Not to mention that seafood is a specialty in many places.

  • Street food – A few streets food not to be missed are the dholl puri with curries, gato piment (chili bites) or boulettes (dumplings) just to name a few.
  • Local cuisine – Some famous local dishes are the briyani, fried or boiled noodles. Often savored with rice or bread, curries of Mauritius are as spicy as their Indian counterparts. The octopus curry will be a delight to your taste buds.
  • Gastronomy – You can of course opt for fine dining which are available in hotels and restaurants. Should you wish to enjoy a different landscape with a historical background, you can have a gastronomic meal at a private colonial house.
Important numbers2022-03-04T15:10:19+04:00

Police – 999

Ambulance – 114

Loss or theft of bank card (Mastercard/Visa) – (+230) 202 5010

Language – What language is spoken in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:38:39+04:00

English is the official language, though French Creole is spoken island wide.

LGBTQ – How welcoming is Mauritius to LGBTQ travelers?2022-03-04T14:50:47+04:00

Conservative beliefs prevail in Mauritius. Tourists and business visitors alike are asked to provide an understanding of cultural sensitivity concerning this issue. Though caution is to be observed regardless of orientation at sites of antiquity as well as during excursion around the island, Mauritius welcomes all to its beautiful shores.

Medical – How is the medical system in Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:51:26+04:00

Mauritius has a well-developed health system. The island has plenty of public and private hospitals.

Note: Most of hotels / resorts have an infirmary.

Packing – What are some important items to pack for Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:52:44+04:00

If you take any specific medications it is recommended to pack an extra amount in case you decide to extend your stay.  It is a tropical island so be sure to bring sunglasses, mosquito repellent and sunscreen (50 SPF or higher and make sure it is “Reef Friendly”). It can be helpful to have a rash guard to protect from the sun when snorkeling or participating in other water sports. If you plan on going hiking, do not forget to bring your sturdy shoes.

Religion – How many religions are there in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:41:53+04:00

Through the past decades, with immigrants coming from wide and far, Mauritius now has inhabitants with different religions, though there are four main religions on the island. Primarily, around half of the population follows Hinduism, identifying as Hindu. Secondarily, Christians are a little more than a quarter. Thirdly, Muslims are near to one third and fourthly the Chinese make up the rest of the population.

Safety – Is Mauritius safe?2022-03-04T10:43:06+04:00

Mauritius is one of the safest countries in the region for resident and visiting foreigners.

Shops – On what days do shop close early?2022-03-04T10:47:07+04:00

Saturday/Sundays and Public holidays: some places of interest may be closed. Shops usually close around 13h00 on Sundays. Check timing with your local representative.

SIM cards – Where can I get a SIM card in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:44:19+04:00

You can get a Mauritian SIM card in any retailers upon presentation of your identity card or passport. You will have the details on the pack on how to activate the SIM card.

Souvenir – What should I buy to bring home from Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:54:26+04:00

There are outlets where you can have recycled local handicraft. Mauritius Rum is always a good bet and you are allowed up to 2 liters. Tea is also very popular with a wide variety of flavours, the Ravanne – a percussion instrument, a shopping bag made from dried leaves of vacoas (common screwpine) – known as Tante Bazaar.

Surfing in Mauritius2022-03-14T08:53:12+04:00

Le Morne Beach

Under the shades of the huge Le Morne Brabant mountains, Le Morne Beach is known as the ultimate surfing spot on the island. This uppermost Mauritius surf spot is famous for the ‘One Eye’. Indeed the ‘eye’ surfers see on Le Morne mountain’s rock face when they find the ideal spot in which to catch the perfect wave!

Tamarin Bay

Enjoy more of the world-class waves. Tamarin Bay is known by Mauritian and tourists to be a great spot for surfing. You will even find a surfing school available should you wish to learn surfing or simply rent materials.

Riviere des Galets – Ilôt Sancho

This spot will offer you with steady waves. It is additionally an extraordinary spot to unravel and appreciate the distinctive setting. On this southern shore of Mauritius, you will discover the islands most out of control and least designed stretch of coastline, complete with dramatic ocean cliffs and thrashing waves made by the gaps in the reef.

Taxi – Is taxi available in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:49:04+04:00

Taxi are available in front of all hotels and at airport.

Things to do in Mauritius2022-03-14T08:48:54+04:00

From beaches to island tours, here are the absolute best things to do in Mauritius.

  1. Visit the Capital of Port Louis – Walk around the city, discover the authenticity of China Town or spent some leisure time
  2. Taste some local food – Street food or local cuisine. Make your choice!
  3. Helicopter trip – Watch from high an illusion of underwater waterfall. On the southwest coast, the phenomenon can be seen by a helicopter trip over the turquoise lagoon.
  4. Try Deep Sea Fishing – Make the catch of the day
  5. Experience local culture – Immerse in the local life of people through exclusive tours
  6. Make a trip to Ile aux Aigrettes, Ebony Forest or our other natural reserve to connect with nature
  7. Scuba Dive in Marine Parks – Discover wonders of the undersea world
  8. Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth – A unique opportunity to discover millions of years of history!
Tips – Do you tip in Mauritius?2022-03-04T10:54:17+04:00

You are not required to tip, as it is usually already included in your bill. In restaurants, if you are particularly happy with your meal and service, you can leave a small tip for waiters.

Uber – Is Uber available in Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:55:16+04:00

Uber services are not available in Mauritius.

Visa requirements – Do I need a visa and passport to travel to Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:57:40+04:00

Visa requirements may vary on different aspects such as country of origin, purpose on the island, marital status with Mauritian citizens and so on. Click HERE for more information.

Voltage – What voltage and power outlet is used in Mauritius?2022-03-14T08:57:46+04:00

In Mauritius there are two associated plug types, C and G. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and type G is the plug which has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Mauritius operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Why is Mauritius called Mauritius?2022-03-14T08:59:42+04:00

In 1598 a Dutch squadron under Admiral Wybrand Van Warwyck landed at Grand Port and named the island “Mauritius” after Prince Maurice of Nassau (Dutch: Mauritz van Nassau) of the Dutch Republic.

Wifi – What do I need to connect to a Wi-Fi in Mauritius?2022-03-04T14:58:40+04:00

You need:

  • a Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop

You are within the range of a Wi-Fi Mauritius hotspot when you can see the Wi-Fi Mauritius signboard and when you can see ‘Wi-Fi Mauritius’ in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your Wi-Fi device. More information

For list of hotspots, see locations



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