Mauritius – Discovering life at sea with Yanature

Have you ever wondered how to discover life at sea in the most sustainable way possible? Well, grab your kayaks and paddles and let’s kayak towards the waters of Tamarin Bay.

At 6:30, we met with the amazing team of Yanature, shortly after the briefing we paired up, took our kayaks and paddles and we were ready for the great adventure. As Jeremy, our guide, helped us to embark on our kayaks, the fun already started. It was quasi-impossible for a team to be able to board their kayaks rightly without a kayak overturning and someone being in the water. By the time, everyone was able to get into their respective kayak, teamwork and synchronisation were the key word. The most important thing was to be able to paddle at the same time and in the same direction as your teammate to be able to get the kayak to move. As we paddle along Tamarin Bay, I felt the wind caressing my face while witnessing one of the most amazing sunrises that take one to another dimension. After paddling for around 30 minutes and with some luck, we saw a group of dolphins who have already started to do their show a few meters further. We approached the mammal calmly yet with lot of apprehension wondering whether a dolphin could, out of nowhere, overturn one of our kayaks; but we were about to live one of the most awesome adventures of our life. We did a stop for thirty minutes and it was as if time stopped for us too. The environment was so calm, and we were just here, in the moment, admiring these amazing creatures doing their acrobatic leaps and coming close to our kayaks joyfully to socialise and play around us.

For those, who are not at ease in kayaking in open seas, there is a possibility of doing a 2-hours trip on Tamarin River. I had the chance to experience this super appeasing trip too. Let yourself be lulled by the song of nature and enjoy the amazing story telling from the guides about the famous ‘King Kong’ mountain, that will watch over you during your journey. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to end this awesome activity than to enjoy a traditional Mauritian breakfast with bread and chili bites once you get back on land!

As we become more conscious about our responsibilities to protect our environment, discovering Mauritian waters and marine life through kayaking is one of the most eco-responsible activities that one could enjoy!


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