• “Gato lasir” one of the favourite delicacies you can find during the Spring Festival in Mauritius, is originally known as the “Nian Gao”. “Nian” which means year and “Gao” meaning high. According to ancient [...]

    Published On: January 20th, 20232 min read
  • On Sunday evening, another wedding celebration (Walima) was held but this time organized on my husband’s side. Indeed, it was time for his family and himself to invite all their relatives and friends to celebrate [...]

    Published On: July 29th, 20222.2 min read
  • We wish to pay tribute today to Vaco Baissac, an authentic Mauritian artist who recently passed away. All throughout his lifetime, he has been a great ambassador of our multi-colored island through his many [...]

    Published On: February 17th, 20232 min read
  • “Gato lasir” one of the favourite delicacies you can find during the Spring Festival in Mauritius, is originally known as the “Nian Gao”. “Nian” which means year and “Gao” meaning high. According to ancient [...]

    Published On: January 20th, 20232 min read
  • On Sunday evening, another wedding celebration (Walima) was held but this time organized on my husband’s side. Indeed, it was time for his family and himself to invite all their relatives and friends to celebrate [...]

    Published On: July 29th, 20222.2 min read
  • Dressed in this stunning bridal white dress, I walked into the wedding hall, my father by my side.  My close relatives and friends were already there to welcome me. The nuptial ceremony (Nikka) was [...]

    Published On: July 22nd, 20223.4 min read
  • Though it may be called by different names in different communities, the first family reunion or Roka ceremony holds a most significant place in the Mauritian society.  A pre-wedding event which will determine how [...]

    Published On: July 8th, 20222 min read
  • One of the reasons why our small island is so amazing, is because of all the cultures that coexist serenely over an area of ​​1.865 km2. From a Dutch occupation, followed by the French [...]

    Published On: May 20th, 20222.6 min read
  • It was the last day of the month of Ramadan. We just received the news that the moon had been sighted and I was on the roof of the house trying to catch a glimpse [...]

    Published On: April 29th, 20222.5 min read
  • On Sunday, which was the wedding day, five married women gave a bath to the bride-to-be, which is called the Maṅgaḷa Snānaṃ, purifying and beautifying her on this special day. Before getting ready, some [...]

    Published On: April 15th, 20222.6 min read
  • I was around 15 years old when I first attended a Telugu wedding. One of my sister's classmates was getting married and as such, all the whole family was invited as it is usually the [...]

    Published On: April 8th, 20222.5 min read
  • Ugadi, according to Hindu scriptures, is believed to be the day when Lord Brahma created the universe. In Mauritius, Ugadi is a major festival, also a public holiday, celebrated by the Telegu community. It [...]

    Published On: April 1st, 20221.8 min read
  • Holi Festival this year, is celebrated on Friday 18th March. It is observed on sundown on Thursday, March 17th ending at sundown on Friday, March 18th. Holi, a two-day festival, also known as the [...]

    Published On: March 18th, 20221.7 min read
  • Tilak Ceremony is one of the most important Pre-Wedding ceremonies in Hindu customs. It is a significant ritual that marks the official meeting of the groom and bride's families. This is a groom centric [...]

    Published On: February 25th, 20222.2 min read
  • Let's continue our journey back in time when our elders were touched by Cupid's arrow! After receiving the “bague d’arrêt”, the future bride could start preparing her wedding trousseau because it was up to [...]

    Published On: February 11th, 20222.5 min read
  • Even though Valentine's Day only appeared in Mauritius a few decades ago, we can say that our contemporary love stories are more or less the same as in many places around the world. On [...]

    Published On: February 4th, 20222.8 min read
  • Upon the wedding day, a small teepee is built with a few stems and lilacs leaves in the yard. The bride would sit inside while the water contained in the five pots of the [...]

    Published On: January 14th, 20222.1 min read
  • It was Saturday evening, and I was on my way to a Marathi (from the region of Maharashtra - India) pre - wedding ceremony.  One of my closest and longtime friend was getting married [...]

    Published On: January 7th, 20222.6 min read
  • In bygone days, during the colonial period, in the absence of radio and television, the slaves and indentured labourers used to gather in the evenings when work was over. Part of entertainment at that [...]

    Published On: December 10th, 20212 min read
  • The Tamil wedding ceremony started by imploring Lord Ganesha, who is worshipped at the start of every sacred ceremony, to remove obstacles and for success in the life of new married couple. A rite called [...]

    Published On: November 26th, 20212.5 min read
  • She gracefully adjusted her saree while descending the stairs and sat on the stage where everyone could see her. I was at my friend’s place, attending her pre-wedding event. Beautifully dressed, she welcomed us [...]

    Published On: November 19th, 20211.9 min read
  • An island bearing so much cultural colors inherited from our colonial past, which treasures an oral history rich in traditions, legends, music, children’s rhythms…. and above all sounds and rhythms which have always been [...]

    Published On: November 5th, 20212.6 min read
  • The Celebration of the Dead, on November 2nd, a day following All Saints' Day remains a long-standing tradition in Mauritius. This festivity dating back to the civilization of the Aztecs, is celebrated by Mexicans with [...]

    Published On: October 29th, 20211.4 min read
  • I could hear the rhythmic sound of drums from the balcony at my grandmother's place in Port -Louis. My sister and I eagerly waited for the devotees to walk through the street. It was [...]

    Published On: October 22nd, 20212 min read
  • My professional appointment is set at 10 o'clock on this winter morning in the capital city Port-Louis where the thermometer shows 22 degrees. In order to avoid the main roads which sometimes witness bottlenecks, [...]

    Published On: August 13th, 20212.7 min read
  • What was long ago very common in most of villages in Mauritius and could be found quite easily, Dhai Maa, is normally an elderly woman who is solicited after the birth of a newborn [...]

    Published On: July 9th, 20212.1 min read
  • Far from the tourist spots, in Rose-Hill, one of the main towns that probably received its name from an ancient 19th century 'Mount Rose' estate, opposite the beautiful church of Montmartre, is located The [...]

    Published On: July 2nd, 20211.5 min read
  • This song echoes the shops of yesteryear that were close to our homes, an era when supermarkets did not yet exist. Those steel metal shops were run by Chinese immigrants who came to work [...]

    Published On: February 17th, 20212.4 min read
  • Wherever you may go in Mauritius, there will always be a part of history to discover. Mahebourg, a village named after Mahé de Labourdonnais, then French governor, Aapravasi Ghat, which relates the arrival of [...]

    Published On: January 27th, 20212.4 min read
  • Our imagination flies to these beautiful ladies dressed up in Calais laces or English embroidery outfits, when we think about the charming castle life. They usually carried umbrellas matching their dresses, while they walked [...]

    Published On: November 27th, 20202.3 min read
  • The island of Mauritius acclaimed for its togetherness attracts our visitors. From his youngest age, the Mauritian learns to respect his neighbour of different cultures. A richness which amazes many. Coming from diverse backgrounds, [...]

    Published On: November 25th, 20202 min read
  • Walking along the beach of Flic-en-Flac in Mauritius, I can't help but stop to caress these rectangular basaltic rocks of the lime kiln. This same gesture was most probably repeated hundreds of times by [...]

    Published On: November 13th, 20201.7 min read
  • A taste of delicacies brings me back to childhood memories, thinking of the barley sugars cooked on wood fire. They cost a few pennies and held us dashing on our way home from school, [...]

    Published On: October 30th, 20201.8 min read
  • The village of Grande Riviere Noire in Mauritius gives way to a winding road, ‘le bois puant’, name given most probably to flowering shrubs, stinking in the surrounding area. At a detour, on the [...]

    Published On: October 16th, 20201.6 min read
  • Every year, on the last Sunday of the month of July, a Mass is celebrated in the courtyard of St. Anne's Church in Chamarel, a very popular village named after Charles Antoine de Chazal [...]

    Published On: July 26th, 20193.2 min read
  • Many Mauritians celebrate Love and Romance on Valentine's Day. They pick the right moment to offer red roses or gifts – including jewelry pieces, or simply enjoy a romantic meal in [...]

    Published On: February 14th, 20192.1 min read
  • Kung Shee Fat Choy!! I dare you to find a single Mauritian, no matter the ethnic background, who does not know what these words mean! In fact, this is how we wish a Happy [...]

    Published On: February 4th, 20195.5 min read
  • What self-respecting person could remain unmoved by the ignominious acts of slavery? Slavery is a system that brings man to his knees and reduces him to a burden bearer. It was abolished on 01st [...]

    Published On: January 31st, 20193.1 min read
  • The rising day. The shades of night fade in still air. Cast away your quilt, stealthily slip out in the emptiness of nature and listen to the chirping of birds gaze at the smiling [...]

    Published On: November 6th, 20183.8 min read
  • Between the warehouses and the quays, on the seafront at Trou Fanfaron Bay, Port-Louis, sits a humble compound of ruins; some partial remains of stone buildings which at first glance do not draw the [...]

    Published On: November 1st, 20184.3 min read
  • When technology endangers cultural heritage This is a topical subject nowadays: the human race is becoming increasingly anti-social, people are more and more connected and are no longer interested in mingling with their peers. [...]

    Published On: October 25th, 20183.6 min read
  • My Island, far from the ancient lands, but so soaked with culture and human blooming, is a small piece of land which takes pride in having all religions deeply rooted, all civilisations coexisting and [...]

    Published On: September 13th, 20184.9 min read
  • «Tou le banané le 09 septembre ...» (Every year, on September 09) ..."These are the first words of a local melody (séga), popularized in 1959 by one of our native singers. The song is [...]

    Published On: September 6th, 20183.6 min read
  • A paragon beyond the minds of continents, bosom anchored under velvet green, my island sailed on the blushing tide of the setting sun. This imperial twilight which ripples your blood with joy and happiness, [...]

    Published On: August 23rd, 20183.3 min read
  • «Mary’s Celebration!», the common calling in Mauritius for the Feast of the Assumption. Indeed, the 15th of August, though not declared a public holiday every year, is still a day of celebration. Here, the [...]

    Published On: August 13th, 20183.3 min read
  • ‘’Allons enfants de la Patrie ...iie’’ !! March on, fellow countrymen ! The first words of the French national anthem resonate ! Although I was not around to witness the time of the French [...]

    Published On: July 12th, 20184.4 min read