• As part of our Sustainable journey at Mautourco, we always strive in promoting local initiatives. On this International Women’s Day 2023, please meet with Rachel Caprice, a young and passionate local artist, Founder of [...]

    Published On: March 8th, 20234.8 min read
  • The whole team at Mautourco is very proud and honoured to start 2023 in announcing that we have been certified SP Sustain, a Sustainability Certification from Sanderson Phillips, an authority in travel safety operating [...]

    Published On: January 25th, 20230.7 min read
  • “Gato lasir” one of the favourite delicacies you can find during the Spring Festival in Mauritius, is originally known as the “Nian Gao”. “Nian” which means year and “Gao” meaning high. According to ancient [...]

    Published On: January 20th, 20232 min read