Mauritius – Our Wild South: Riambel and what else…

A long, almost deserted beach in the southern part of the island bearing a nice chanting name: Riambel! This is where time seems to stand still! The place is strikingly calm, with a sea that is mostly shallow. No hotel properties around. Besides, you will rarely come across a tourist or a beach hawker but rather a few local fishermen looking for some shrimps, selfish, and fish. Some species of birds do the same thing, seeking for food at low tide while the men slowly walk towards the coral reef. Later on, they will be back with some small edible treasures: hache d’armes, shrimps, sea urchins, fish…

On the other hand, you could bump into some privileged horse riders from the Riambel Equestrian Center who go for long rides along this beach. They practice rides at dawn or at sunset, swimming on horseback, or even horse riding in the neighboring fields up to a lake, while enjoying the views of the neighboring mountains. Few teenagers can be seen venturing out at sea in kayaks to admire the colorful and lively corals in this part of the island. Along the beach, there are private villas, and a few rare vacation rentals mainly occupied by people looking for a quiet vacation, far from civilization. A long stretch of peaceful and uncrowded beach, breathtaking sunsets, serenity, and sweet tranquility: this is a perfect description of Riambel.

If you feel like recharging your batteries, the Riambel vortex along this beach awaits you. A place located in an energetic vortex, conducive to contemplation and meditation, known for having healing properties. Around the small village of Riambel, on large portions of land, one can find some cultivated sugar cane fields. Along the main roads, a few locals often sell rare vegetables: breadfruit, jackfruits, “brèdes” (edible greens) of all kinds… Clearly, the atmosphere in this remote village is reminiscent of the Mauritius of yesteryear.

A small tablecloth, a basket with some goodies and cold drinks, and you can enjoy a nice picnic while admiring the turquoise waters, savoring the tranquility of the area. Why not take a refreshing dip without venturing too much due to strong currents present in some places? With a bit of luck, you might watch a seaplane landing on this famous Riambel beach with, on board, a newlywed couple. You might then be the privileged witness of an exceptional photo shoot, that could be compared to any of the greatest fashion magazines!

If you enjoy long walks by the sea, you are in the right place. Photography lovers, get ready for beautiful pictures you will keep for a lifetime. This is how the famous wild south unveils all its splendors.


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