Mauritius: Our vibrant summer colors!

It’s summer, and as soon as you land in Mauritius, you will be stunned by the colors of our island popping out … this green color which immediately gives you a boost of good mood! Our sugar cane fields, contrasting with the blue sky and lagoon, are good reasons to unwind our summer visitors, looking forward to feeling the tropical warmth.

Summer is here, and the heat is not only measured in terms of temperature! Even if it may sometimes be near to 30 degrees, you will undoubtedly be equally impressed by the warm welcome of the colorful Mauritian people! In addition, nature as a whole contributes to warming up your heart and soul. Our lush gardens, displaying their magnificent multicolored tropical flowers: bougainvillea, hibiscus, allamanda, trochetia … cheerfully competing with each other. Our magnificent flamboyant trees that color our roads with scarlet red or yellow flowerbeds announce the end of year festivities.

Throughout this season, our fruit trees display a profusion of fruits: our mangoes ranging from yellow to red, our red lychees, our brown longans, our green or yellow guavas, our pink pitayas… not to mention our pineapples and coconuts that you can savor right on the beach. What a bliss for the eyes and taste buds! Obviously, our summer dessert will most likely be a colorful and delicious fruit salad.

Do not miss a stop at the Port-Louis market, the perfect place to enjoy colors and scents. The section reserved for fruits and vegetables is a real feast for the eyes where eggplants mix with pumpkins, while red tomatoes are next to green or yellow bananas… A little further on, the spices compete in shades: the yellow turmeric, red dried chilies and red pepper, green curry leaves… The scent of spices will revive all your senses. Street-food is no exception with the glasses of Alouda (cold milk with agar agar and basil seeds), “dalpuri” or “gato coco” (Mauritian delicacies) in eye-popping colors. You will not be left out when it comes to clothes which, unsurprisingly, will also be in summer colors!

If you happen to be present here for festivals such as Cavadee, or Chinese New Year, you will be fascinated by the shimmering saris and red Chinese outfits of our fellow citizens, while at Diwali, the towns illuminated by the diyas will lead you to a colorful realm. The goodies offered on this occasion, are as delicious, as they are vibrant!

Whether at daybreak or when the sun sets, contemplate the golden rays on our lagoons and our beaches, the orange shades of the sky that sometimes turn red. A spectacular show which, moreover, is free. Red, blue, yellow, and green, this is perhaps the reason why our national flag is so colorful: a perfect synergy with the island’s vivid and luxuriant nature!


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