Adventure Trail : Where colours abound – Part 2

Our host was waiting for us at Dubreuil in the best Indian tradition: homemade eggplant donuts mixed with coriander-flavoured chutney. Then lunch was served on a Ravenala leaf: steamed ‘chouchou’ from the host’s garden, peas curry, braised chicken, many chutneys, sauce and white rice. He would not let us go unless we tasted his special cardamom and anise-flavoured tea: so precious for mixologists. I must confess we reluctantly took his leave but Adventure Trail still had another lovely part of the island in store for us.

Next stop: Henrietta, then Le Mont Simonet. Prior authorisation is necessary to climb Le Mont, so through Adventure Trail we had the exclusive right on this private property. The warden welcomed us, advising that this one-way road, usually driven in 4 x 4, was ours only.

The cloudy weather at 600 metres on the Central Plateau would not alter my enthusiasm. The exact opposite! I was ecstatic. Seeing Mare Longue, natural dam akin to a watercolour, could not but be a boost! Only a few metres away from the top.

Stony road, surrounded by a rich flora with the much prized chinese guavas at an arm’s length. From a small clearing on the left emerged a large herd of deer (Cervus Rusa), with the dominant male endowed with antlers trophy collectors dream of.

At long last a panoramic view of Mont Simonet, from the Morne in the South West to Coin de Mire in the North… the colour contrast was fascinating, magnificent: mounds, ravines, gorges, hills, valleys, agglomerations. I could not take my eyes off this sublime breath-taking décor.

We had gone a long way through since the morning. Yes, watching these wonders, I was immediately carried away by my thoughts. What a panorama! A small swallow flying gracefully convinced me in my silent soul-searching: the human being should still go for green, revivifying in the peaceful countryside. The best way to preserve nature, led by experts. If Siefert and Prévert were around, they would undoubtedly praise this technicolour Nature. The Adventure Trail is far from being an end in itself. It definitely fills the heart and the tripe with green and colours.

Natur L Za

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