• Catamaran | West Cruise

    3,000 inclusive of 15% VAT
    Set off on an unforgettable dolphin watching experience

    The clear, warm waters along the west coast of Mauritius are a favourite playground for dolphins. Getting very close to these fascinating sea mammals and watching them in their natural habitat is a life-changing event that will leave you with lasting memories.

  • Catamaran | South East Cruise

    2,800 inclusive of 15% VAT
    Admire some landscapes from the sea

    Set off on an exciting escapade along the historical south eastern coast of Mauritius. This is your invitation to contemplate the surprising beauty and diversity of landscapes unfolding under your eyes as you glide your way to the tourist hotspot of Ile aux Cerfs.

  • Catamaran | North Cruise

    2,900 inclusive of 15% VAT
    An awesome experience

    Experience the thrill of a catamaran ride to the beautiful string of islets situated off the north coast of Mauritius. Take time to indulge in the beauty of their surroundings before hopping into the translucent waters for a bit of snorkeling fun.

  • Catamaran | East Cruise

    2,800 inclusive of 15% VAT
    Soak in some stunning vistas of the coastal landscape

    Setting out from a seaside village, this epic voyage will first take you to the longest river on the island, on which sits a beautiful natural waterfall, then to a white sandy islet inside the lagoon, which is a hot favourite among tourists.

  • Catamaran – Through the mangroves

    2,800 inclusive of 15% VAT
    Island exploration

    Sit back, relax and enjoy a catamaran cruise off the north-east coast of Mauritius. After a snorkelling stop, you will take an unforgettable trip to two small islands that are delightful places to visit.


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