Reasons to visit Mauritius: The People

Our People, our nation. One of the greatest assets of Mauritius is, without doubt our people!!

Kind hearted, sincere and welcoming. From your first footstep on the island to your last, wherever you go, you will be met with a friendly and authentic smile. The warm welcome extended by everyone you meet will make you feel at home.

The love and patriotism for our country and the solidarity of our people can be seen and felt. The people of Mauritius will always come together as one to work for the betterment of their beloved island.

Our visitors are always stunned by the Mauritian generosity. Have you lost your way? Do you wish to learn about our culture? Mauritians will always come out of their way and take time to assist any visitor that would approach them. One advantage: most of the population speaks two languages: English and French (and sometimes more!). Even if they do not understand you, they will make it a point of honour to help you out!

Unfortunately, hospitality cannot be shared through words, it is something that one must experience first-hand. So, you are most welcomed to come and meet our locals and experience THE legendary Mauritian hospitality!


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