Reasons to visit Mauritius: Our Beaches

Clear aquamarine sea, pristine white sand, green coconut palms swaying gently in the breeze. Welcome to the island of Mauritius!! The contrast in colours and the exquisiteness of our beaches are something worthy of poems. By the way, Mark Twain was inspired when he said ….. : Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.

Tourists travel thousands of miles from around the globe to laze on our sand and catch a tan during the day. At sunset one can often spot lovers sitting and enjoying the quiet and beauty of our spectacular sunsets combined with our lovely beaches. This is what you get with being on a tropical island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Many of these romantic sunsets have ended up with the gentleman popping the question.

As you travel from one side of our island to the other, each beach will be more beautiful than the last. The array of tropical creatures in the sea makes for great snorkeling. As with most tropical islands, our local population too, makes the most of what God has bestowed them with. During the weekends you will see families picnicking, children swimming in the sea and many a gentleman standing on a rock with their rods cast, trying to catch a fish. The joy, laughter, enthusiasm and love for the sea can be felt by all around….

So come and join the fun on our Mauritian beaches!


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