The fit and sporty from the age of 12 years old can take on the exciting challenge of paddling across the lagoon to the offshore islet of Ile d’Ambre in the north of Mauritius. This tour combining sports and sightseeing will take you winding through the island’s mangrove belt and allow you to learn more about this unique ecosystem.

  • The opportunity to experience much of the natural beauty of Mauritius from close.

    This is a great opportunity to switch off your mobile, slide in a kayak and discover the beauty of the lagoon, the bright sandy beaches, and of the small islands surrounding of Mauritius mainland, together with your friends and family.

  • A mesmerising outing along the river

    Enjoy an enchanting encounter while kayaking: Meet up with dolphins in their natural habitat.

  • Ideal eco-friendly activity

    Explore nature’s masterpieces while kayaking on a tranquil river.