Tour Guiding – Sharing our passion

Tour Guiding is first and foremost about sharing our passion for our beautiful island of Mauritius.

Indeed, at Mautourco, our multilingual guides team spares no effort to pamper the clients it is entrusted with on a daily basis. The profession has several aspects: Tour guides act as coordinators to keep the day running smoothly; their duty is also to impart their knowledge of and love for their island to vacationers during excursions.

Our guides are required to be warm-hearted, attentive, passionate and dynamic. Their days often start at dawn and end at dusk; their availability is therefore essential. Besides, it does so happen that they have to be on call 24/7 while assigned to accompany Groups or Educational Trips.

Mariastella, our Guides Coordinator, who has been with Mautourco for the past seven years, says that this profession first and foremost allows for the discovery of the island in all its facets.

“Sharing our passion and our Mauritian lifestyle helps us develop character-building skills. We have to be resourceful and ensure each customer’s comfort. We often have to juggle with more than one nationality at a time and ensure everyone receives the best possible attention whilst respecting tight schedules. Grabbing an audience’s attention for a whole day can be challenging, its curiosity needs to be constantly aroused”, she says.

Furthermore, it is a rewarding profession where one is fortunate to mingle with an innumerable number of tourists from all walks of life and of multiple nationalities.

Being both the island’s and Mautourco’s Ambassador entails keeping up to date with current events. The Mautourco Academy offers training all year round, allowing our guides to acquire new knowledge in several fields.

The week-long Educational Tours experience creates a special bond between the guide and participants under his/her responsibility. Day after day, the skilled guide titillates the customer’s interest while bringing him new learning experiences.

“Goodbyes can be especially hard and there have been instances at the end of Educational Trips where all participants have shed a few tears, at the airport. That is proof that we did our job well and that we succeeded in conveying the very essence of the Mauritian hospitality. How heartwarming to meet them again while they are vacationing on the island and to realize that they remember every detail of their previous stay with us ” adds an emotional Mariastella.

Of all the wonderful memories our guests take back home, one in particular will be cherished for a long time: the legendary and unparalleled Mauritian warmth and hospitality.


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