Through the eyes of Nadine & Mervyn: A breath of freshness at Sept Cascades

After a few months of lockdown, like many, we wanted a big bowl of fresh air and our footsteps led us to Sept Cascades waterfalls. It is one of the most popular attractions for Trekking adepts.

Some water, some fruits and biscuits, and off we went. The view is breathtakingly beautiful. The descent is pleasant until at least the third waterfall. Indeed, with all activities at a complete stop with regards to the lockdown, the trails were poorly marked, nature having taken back its rights! As a result, we got lost more than once and it took us over 3 hours for the way downhill.

Along the way, we met a group of a few young people joyfully making their way uphill. We made a short stop to enjoy our snacks and sat on some rocks with a breathtaking view overlooking Sept Cascades. Drinking water right from one of the waterfalls is a real treat as it was so fresh and thirst-quenching. Everything around us was so quiet except for the birds’ songs, the rustling of leaves like a soft music, the peaceful gurgling of water … The world was at a standstill. A tiny fresh breeze, a mix of different scents, from earth to foliage and herbs; aromas of this luxuriant nature tickling our nostrils. A restful, zen atmosphere: closing your eyes may put you at risk of falling into a tranquil sleep!

After some trial and error, we arrived painfully at the first waterfall at the bottom of the ravine. It is from that specific spot that, looking up, one can admire the seven cascades at one shot. A viewpoint that we would never get tired of! A small group standing high up had fun plunging from the cliffs directly into a waterfall. A beautiful sight for the eyes, even if we immediately realized that it still involved some danger. Sitting in complete silence below, we caught our breath in front of this magnificent view. We ventured to climb some rocks and took some pictures to immortalize this moment of absolute grace.

Courageously, we then followed a path trying to find some marks on tree trunks allowing us to go uphill. It wasn’ t that easy because of the trails which were wet and slippery and it is not without difficulty that we reached the end of our trek. One thing for sure, we had our fill of fresh air!

Note that this outing to Sept Cascades – Mauritius is recommended for people in good physical condition and the assistance of an experienced and certified guide is an absolute must.

Fancy a getaway far from the madding crowd, looking for a little adrenaline rush? This definitely is a hike for you!


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