Thank you

Dear colleagues,

We have been facing very difficult times during these last days.

Some members of our team have hardly had any sleep for more than a week, being so busy making amendments, rescheduling, readapting our services due to so many unexpected changes associated with the repatriation of our guests.

Other team members have remained on the front line, driving our guests to the airport or facilitating their departure to ensure that they leave our island in the best possible conditions while complying with the restrictions in force in the country. We had our Hotel representatives and our Customer Care team who, despite working remotely, assured constant communication with our guests and Hoteliers.

Also, our support teams such as Accounting, Information and Technology and Human Resources, worked behind the scenes, striving their best to facilitate such organisation.

It is in such difficult times that we note the value of our teams…And I can tell that you have been exceptional !!

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your commitment and congratulate each of you for your responsiveness and efficiency in this unprecedented situation.

We really hope that this exceptional and global chaos will be over soon.

I wish you all courage and patience for the coming weeks and look forward to a quick resumption of activities, as soon as this nightmare will be behind us.

Stay safe, as well as your families.

Richard Robert

Managing Director

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