Street food: A window into the culinary heritage of Mauritius

Street food is like a second religion for the people of Mauritius and there is no single street corner on the island without a vendor selling some tasty local delicacies and refreshing drinks.

Mauritius is home to a distinctive and delicious street food culture built on layers of cultural diversity. Our island’s people have a well-entrenched tradition of eating on the run at roadside stalls serving up an array of flavours and the local markets and streets are actually the place to go for an authentic Mauritian food experience. And I am one of those ! So follow me ….

For lunch, I would choose, a hearty meal on wheels served from a little cart parked by the road, boiled or fried noodles, fried rice, Chinese steamed dumplings, the famed muslim biryani, Indian flatbreads such as ‘roti’ and ‘dal-pouri’, kebab and spicy fritters hot from the pan are all ready to eat. To cool off with a sweet treat, I would find several options from fresh or pickled fruit to rice cakes like ‘poutou’ and ‘ounde’ and all sorts of Indian sweets.

There is also an endless choice of refreshments to accompany these tasty treats; colorful ‘glaçon râpé’ (shaved ice drizzled with sweet syrups), fresh coconut water by the beach and ‘alouda’ are among the most popular options.

A street food experience is so much more than just an opportunity to sample delicious, value-for-money local food. While the senses tingle with the sights, sounds and smells that make our island so special, it is also the perfect way to blend with the locals and soak up the truly unique atmosphere of Mauritius.

Besides, if in doubt, you would always find some nice, helpful Mauritian guy who will be happy to explain each and every one of the local treats you wish to try.

Well, now just dare !


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