Reasons to visit Mauritius: Wellness Destination!

Mauritius has positioned itself since quite a few years now, as a destination that promotes Health and Wellness by offering quality services during your holidays when it comes to pampering yourself. As holidays stand for breaks and relaxation, is there a better way to take care of yourself than letting yourself be pampered in the expert hands of our therapists? To begin with, in order to offer you optimal relaxation while supporting the ecological cause, most hoteliers do not skimp on the quality of their bedding, often available in natural fibers.

Indeed, the various hotels around the island have Spas where various body treatments are provided in an enchanting setting. Spas compete in originality: indoor swimming pools, outdoor treatment cabins and massages facing the ocean or under a tree. The products used range from the natural products to famous brands. The choice is yours! Those who opt for the natural will note the use of local essential oils and products for a sensory escape with exotic scents. Several Spas across the island, collaborate with international brands, thus benefiting from the expertise of foreign therapists for their employees’ training. We are very proud to count among our Spas, the largest Spa in the Indian Ocean, The Nira Spa Shanti Maurice situated in the south of the island.

Practice of yoga is common in Mauritius. One can usually find tourists who indulge in yoga poses within our beautiful gardens or right on our long white sand beaches. Reflexology, balneotherapy, meditation, shiatsu … no matter which treatment you choose, you can only come out of it zen! Several holistic temples over the island also offer Ayurvedic treatments from India, combining expertise and ancestral rituals. A large variety of therapeutic treatments are provided there all year round.

Need to get rid of some accumulated toxins? What could be better than choosing your individual program combining sport, detox, toning and nutrition. The sports centres within our hotels’ compounds have nothing to envy to the ones of various foreign countries as far as equipment is concerned as they certainly are of international level. We also welcome those who take advantage of their vacation for a small medical intervention in our Indian Ocean Centre of Aesthetic Surgery where specialists will take care of you between two tanning sessions.

A magnificent sunrise in the east or a spectacular sunset in the west of Mauritius, or both! That might be enough to rejuvenate yourself during your holidays and allow you to leave tanned and in perfect mental and physical health to face your daily life … until your next visit!


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