Our drivers – proud ambassadors of our beautiful island

Our drivers


Our drivers are the next link in the chain after the airport team, ensuring the safe transfer of our guests to their hotels. “Courtesy, respect, politeness, warmth and a sound general knowledge are essential qualities in our job,” says Mansoor, who has been driving our guests around for nearly three decades.

It is indeed essential that our drivers undergo regular training sessions as they must have an extensive knowledge of the island : history, various general topics, political situation and much more. Clients do ask questions of any kind and they need to be able to answer to the best of their abilities.

Our colleague, Manoj, who has been with Mautourco for the past 28 years, stresses the importance of inspecting the vehicle’s condition and of being well-groomed. “I also make it a point to always be on time, even 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time. We do not wish to keep our guests waiting.” It must be said that customers feel safe when they are taken care of by our drivers, because first of all our vehicles are serviced by our own Garage team who really give their very best on a daily basis. Besides every corner of the island has no secret for our drivers.

If most of our drivers are bilingual, we also include in our team those who speak a third language, of which German, Italian …. and those ones work as driver-guides. It is with great pride that they will make you discover our island during the excursions and they also know how to adapt to different nationalities. Each driver has a personal anecdote to share with you depending on the specific moment, because by driving across the island for years, they inevitably have a lot to tell !

Among them, there are also the ones who service the educational tours and groups : those we always request to be at the service of travel agents, Products Managers, journalists or Tour Leaders for several consecutive days. They are then expected, on top of their job, to also manage the schedules during hotel visits or specific appointments. They may also have to deal with last-minute requests or changes according to the wishes of the guests entrusted to them. And all this with a smile !

It is always a pleasure when a regular guest makes a request for a specific driver to be at their service during their stay as it happens that over the years, a relationship of trust has been woven between them and they know that their expectations will be met.

As for our drivers, they are unanimous in saying that they also learn a lot about the culture and the country of the guests they drive around. In addition, it is clear that by communicating the passion of their job and their island as well, they really are true ambassadors of our island that may be small but has so much to offer !

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