Our Customer Care department in the spotlight

Our Customer Care Department is busy attending to our guests and listening to their needs – whether it is for following up on an incident, attending to flight cancellations or delays, a surprise birthday gift, items that may have been inadvertently left behind on a tour or at the hotel, and so much more. They are actively invested in helping work things out through consistent follow-up with all departments in-house and overseas.

Our three team members, Diane, Nathalie & Virginie are available 24/7 to deal with sometimes complex and sensitive issues while keeping their calm and poise. They are committed to providing customer service to the highest standards with the ultimate goal being to make our guests’ holidays in Mauritius a memorable one.

Nathalie, Customer Care Consultant who has more than 25 years of experience to her credit, tells us that for her, it is a passionate job where there is no place for routine.

“I am particularly happy when a situation settles down and everything is back to normal following our intervention. It makes me feel proud and happy when our partners or customers are satisfied with our service, which most of the time, must be done most urgently.”

As we represent several international insurance companies, they are also the center pin when, unfortunately, things go wrong. Between medical repatriations, various medical cases, follow-up of accidents to funerals organizations, nothing is a secret to them. They learn a lot from the assistance cases and “illnesses and remedies have no secrets for us” so they say!

“It is a job that enables us to be in contact on a daily basis with medical staff, patients and caregivers. It is important to note that when you are in a foreign country, it is always good to know that you can count on an experienced and efficient team.” says Diane, our Supervisor. “Serving customers and solving their problems are motivating factors in this job.”

The team sometimes has to adapt to situations that can last for days, such as during cyclonic periods when all flights are canceled or delayed. They get to deal with the frustration of each and every one while keeping their spirit high.

“Being available 24/7 all year round, work often takes over our personal life and we must learn how to best manage these sometimes conflicting circumstances. The family has fortunately become accustomed over time and I can count on their understanding. This job definitely can’t be done without passion”, says Virginie, Customer Care Consultant who joined the team 3 years ago.

Availability, tact, a little dose of curiosity and proactivity are the key words for this demanding job. The relationship-centered approach is essential whether it is at the level of the team or towards our long-term partners and customers.

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