Memories of the past! – ‘The milk seller’

He would wake up before dawn, ride his bicycle on which was fixed a large milk-churn.

He moved from house to house in Mauritius to deliver fresh milk while activating his horn and shouting loudly: “Marsan dile! Marsan dile!” (Milk seller). The milk was sold per weight and the housewives waited for him in front of their houses holding their pans. They immediately boiled the milk and watched it carefully on the oven. From there comes the expression ‘watching your milk boiled on fire” which then made sense!

With globalization, the “marsan dile” (milk seller), as a job is now becoming increasingly rare. He now rides a motorbike in order to deliver fresh milk to few people who have kept their good habits. Despite the fact that buying fresh cow’s milk might be a constraint, they continue to consume it as fresh milk is definitely excellent for our health.


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