Memories of the Past! The cart driver

The cart driver, a short man with sun-chiseled skin, came from time to time to deliver manure to individuals. He drove his cart, pulled by an ox and using a series of sounds, he managed to make himself obeyed by the animal.

He walked alongside his ox, while directing him. Despite his fragile look, we could feel the strength that emanated from him. He was skillful enough to manipulate the ox and spill the contents of the cart into the garden of those who called upon his services. This particular crew made the day of the children, who at this sight, shouted joyfully: “Saret bef! Saret bef!”, meaning the ox cart has come.

The cart driver’s job was to collect manure and then sell it. He also went to fetch straw and grasses to feed the animal. Long ago, some cart drivers worked for sugar estates. This job was transmitted from generation to generation. Driven by the passion for the ox and the desire to perpetuate the trade, the cart drivers have unfortunately disappeared with the advent of more modern modes of transport.


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