Mautourco: The originality of eco-responsible craftsmen – RRR

RRR: Three capital letters with such a deep meaning to be memorized and implemented by each and every one of us. It is a way of living we adopted years ago at Mautourco, DMC in Mauritius, and all we can say is that it’s very successful. This initiative has greatly raised awareness among our team members who think twice before any action.

Reduce: Electricity, water consumption with insulated bottles customized with our company logo, minimum paper consumption by e-filing, carpooling thus contributing to improved air quality and economy of fuel.

Reuse: No more single-use containers, but washable utensils made available for Mautourco team-members’ gatherings, whenever we celebrate an event. The same applies to employees when carrying their snacks and lunches.

Recycle: Old printed brochures are made available to NGOs for the manufacture of colour paper necklaces. Each necklace becomes a unique piece, because of the tones that differ each time. No wastage. We also recycle used tyres that become table supports, just like the one utilized during the Mautourco annual end of year mass.

Suppliers are all well aware of and readily adhere to this concept of RRR. Mautourco thus chooses to partner, for example, with local artisans producing ravanes, traditional musical instruments of local culture. The tea leaves’ fibers are used as compost in flower plantations. From recycled glass, the blowers shape objects unique in the world, such as elegant lamps, lanterns with sleek lines. What about the palm leaves from which plates and bowls are designed according to traditions? Quite creative and original …

There are numerous examples, … too many to list them all. The synergy that unites all players evolving in our local tourism sector is incredible. From our youngsters to our old-aged… everyone strives to act differently and most importantly by consuming intelligently and thoughtfully.

These actions only aim at one goal: to repair and leave a concrete legacy to our society ; legacy we have witnessed from the past and which serves us as a lesson today. Let’s protect Our Blue Planet. She’s so beautiful, especially when viewed from the sky.

Lza M Nature

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