Mautourco, behind the curtains

Delivering a high-quality, end-to-end guest experience requires that all our teams stay focused on meeting the ever-changing needs and wants of our partners and guests. Everything must be well coordinated, from reservation and payment to tour and transfer logistics in order to maintain our reputation for service quality and reliability.

Stepping behind the curtains and into our Reservations Department, one gets the impression right away of a smooth-running team. We have over 20 Team members who are always ready to assist and use their extensive product knowledge and experience to act as a bridge between our partners overseas and our local service providers in Mauritius. These trusted professionals know first-hand about all the different hotels, tours and services available, which allows them to suggest enhancements, coordinate with suppliers and offer expert advice on the most suitable option for every booking. Regular hotel visits and product knowledge outings enable our team members to always stay abreast of all new changes and activities.

“Our work never gets monotonous. Every day is different and there’s always plenty to do all year round,” says Pascaline, our Senior Consultant who joined the team 13 years ago and who looks after European countries such as France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.

She points out that this job still attracts the younger generation, most probably because it is an exciting and evolving field.

It indeed takes a good dose of flexibility to ensure constant availability despite the time difference and our dedicated team members work extended hours in order to provide the seamless service that our guests and partners have come to rely on in all of our overseas markets.

“Our work has changed and evolved with stiffer competition and technological advances. Back then when I started, we were using telex machines to communicate and interact with the rest of the world. Nowadays, we have smartphones to keep us constantly connected,” says Nadine, who joined Mautourco in 1996 as a Reservations Clerk and has been a Supervisor in the department since 2012. “What motivates us is the satisfaction of work well done and the ownership we take in the success of the company.” On a personal level, she takes pride in contributing to the professional development of her team members through the coaching and mentoring that she provides them.

A Sales Team has been set up recently within the Reservations department to keep in pace with all the challenges and exigencies of the job. Daniel, Sales Consultant counting 11 years of experience, learned to deal with different time zones.

“Some of our partners are about to return home when we arrive at the office. We must therefore provide them with a quick response and process their requests as soon as possible.

We need also to make sure that we can quote our best available rates and offers. It is important to take a close look at the small details of the files, understand our guests’ expectations, stay tuned to our customers so as to make a difference while proposing an à la carte service. We are also called upon to promote a pre-sales as well as after-sales service, as it happens that we intervene when our customers are on the spot.”

There is nothing more rewarding for this versatile and dynamic team, than to know that it has contributed fully to the unforgettable holidays of all the guests entrusted to them.

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