Mauritius : When our elders spoke the truth

The Covid-19 related pandemic strongly calls us out… For those who spent time with our elders, we were often told : “save and don’t squander!” As Mauritius is facing this pandemic, some of those in confinement try to find means and ways of going back to basics : earth and their ‘home’. Likewise for some Mautourco (Mauritian DMC) employees who seem to be enjoying it.

Actually, in Mauritius, where the daily consumption of spices and condiments is deeply rooted in us, one can find one the tiniest seed in the world : mustard, the third most used product in the world after salt and pepper. As simple as it seems, sowing it in a little pot even in an apartment can prove to be an amazing experience. These tiny 1mm seeds, in the span of 2 months will produce greens, not unlike spinach, grown organically.

It’s in this confinement period when we’re stuck at home, that we figure out how a tiny vegetable patch, whether it be on the rooftop or a balcony surely helps : thyme, parsley, basil, garlic and other fine herbs. In our gardens, should space allow it, cassava or taro, papayas, turmeric, citronella… anything helps to get through this difficult situation.

Our way of life as much as all our Mautourco colleagues, has more than ever taken a drastic turn. Before we consume or buy, let’s think like we’ve always done, environmentally friendly, turned towards this minimalist concept. By working from home, there is not much need for clothes, shoes or other accessories. During this confinement, we rediscover the joys of sewing, home-made cooking, handicraft/DIY, drawing and family board games.

Wasn’t it the way our elders used to bring back life to old stuff, and think of how to do differently with what’s on hand? We are reminded of their precious advices and this is what we must transmit to the young generation.

Earth, our nurturing mother, is sending an urgent appeal. Hear her plea and observe the butterflies in our gardens, the bright blue sky, the birds peeping. Let’s taste all the wonders that the earth is able to generate in the utmost simplicity. Be grateful for what she is offering. Save and no waste : A strong message for each and everyone of us!

Natur Lza

Richard RobertHope and resilience message managing director
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