Mauritius: Sneak Peek of Rose- Hill, a hectic town… Discover why!

Twinned with the town of Beau Bassin in 1896, the name Rose-Hill from a poetic point of view showcases the colors of pink hue projected by the setting sun on the Corps de Garde Mountain that we see from afar. I seize the opportunity and have much pleasure in strolling along the Royal Road or in the adjacent streets where life is both hectic and quiet. Rose-Hill, whose motto(s) are “Tenax et fidelus” – tenacious and faithful, holds a cachet so special that this city is worth a detour…

 Rose- Hill,

I stop for a moment in front of the telecommunications office and observe the comings and goings of passers-by. Some go to the jewelers who have settled there for generations, others go to the magistracy, where some authentic well-preserved buildings catch the attention. Others take the alley leading to the new market where I follow them, while passing in front of the flower sellers who have since become florists. Looking up I see the tram that is about to start a wonderful trip to the Capital city, a sign of modern development.

 Rose- Hill,

I am called upon by a lady who slowly installs colorful clothes on coat racks, then I head to the ‘dholl purris’ (a kind of salted pancake made from flour and crushed grains filled with vegetables, pickles and ‘rougaille’) seller, in front of whom locals are lined up. His ‘dholl purris’ are among the best on the whole island and his reputation is well established… Raising my head, I read DEWA & Sons…

The ‘alouda’ seller (delicious milky drink with a strawberry taste to which is added grated gelatin and basil seeds also called Tookmaria) hands me a glass full of this precious liquid, asking me to taste it for its uniqueness. The secret for him to be even more attractive, is the added crushed ice. Walking away, a delicious smell of chili bites (kibbles of the great Peninsula), ‘badjias’, eggplant fritters reveal sensational feelings.

Rose- Hill,

Reluctantly, I leave this side-corner to head to the Post Office, formerly a railway station where I meet some QEC and Loreto Convent students wearing their distinctive uniforms. In sharing camaraderie, they review the daily news on their latest mobile phone. One of the oldest pharmacies in Rose-Hill, having kept all its specials comes as a throwback. Inside, large jars as in apothecaries are carefully displayed on the wooden shelves.

 Rose- Hill,

I decide to make a quick stop at Saint Ignace, popular place of worship, where revivalist fervour is omnipresent. This side of Rose-Hill teems with people for few steps away are arcades housing clothing and shoe stores, at much affordable prices. Going down the road, I pass in front of a famous store of musical instruments. At the next corner is cosmetics shop where a Sino-Mauritian at the cashier seems to know all his regular guests crossing the doorstep. Finally, I see these nature-designed fabrics for curtains, which are exposed in rolls in front of the shop windows What a wide choice, I think to myself!

Rose- Hill,

I hear in the distance the chime of bells marking noon. Notre Dame de Lourdes: A historical stone church dating to 1890 with a sumptuous carved entrance door. I have a short stop in front of La Maison de Carné, home of Rear Admiral Comte de Carné and Julie Rochery de Marcenay, who died in 1985 – this house with very well-maintained gardens, is a property bequeathed to the Diocese of Port Louis in 1982. Further the Montmartre, another beautiful church whose top cross seems to be lost in the clouds is an invitation to peace within.

My happy steps lead me to The Plaza where a new story awaits …

Rose-Hill, on such a short distance reserves astounding surprises. Rose- Hill is worth its motto(s)…

Lza M Natur

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