Mauritius: Lifestyle change with remote working

During this period of the Covid 19 pandemic, the professional world has definitely changed. This change had already started with the introduction of work from home in Mauritius and Mautourco, DMC.

It is a national and international fact now whereby moving to one’s place of work is no more necessary, as the IT tools set up by companies enable professionals to intervene from their home. Meetings have become virtual. It is true that they do not, in any way replace a one to one encounter over a nice cup of coffee, but just communicating with colleagues or partners through video conferences brings some warmth to the heart.

The different time zones allow us to work at different paces, yet those working from home know how to discipline themselves, while enjoying some advantages: No more commuting in traffic jams, a better quality of life.

In Mauritius, where evolving in tourism means long hours spent away from the family, pleasant moments can now be appreciated with loved ones while working from home. In a world where it is a must for people to earn their living, the digital age, fortunately enables, specially mothers with young children, to access the professional life.

At Mautourco, while being connected, we discuss and go on with our projects. Together we rediscover those human values we all share. Solidarity does exist, collaborative work continues to prevail. We will be back at the office and most certainly, back on field also with great enthusiasm to meet those with whom we would have exchanged by email, social media or conference calls.

Through various companies in Mauritius, it would be much interesting to seize this opportunity to evaluate and develop further the work from home system so as to emphasize the work/life balance so much sought after nowadays.

Natur Lza

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Richard RobertHope and resilience message managing director