Mauritius: Let’s head to Bel Ombre

When we mention Bel Ombre, we immediately think of the wild south of Mauritius, with on one side, its beautiful winding coastline along the sea and on the other, lush green nature. The road itself to Bel Ombre is a feast for the eyes. This small village, in addition to being home to prestigious hotels and a magnificent golf course, invites us to many other nice discoveries.

There definitely is a special atmosphere at Bel Ombre which, in the 1700s, successively welcomed the French and the British who owned properties there. We need not forget Charles Telfair, a brilliant surgeon and botanist, who resided there in 1816 and who left his mark as far as the development of this part of the island is concerned. During the 19th century, there were several sugar plantations (which have now disappeared) including Frédérica, Bon Courage, and Bel Ombre Sugar Factories.

Among the must-see sites, Le Château de Bel Ombre, a former Anglo-Indian style residence dating from the 1765s, now transformed into a 5-star restaurant. You will certainly be more than impressed by its French gardens. A former Bel Ombre Sugar Factory building has now become Africa’s largest shell museum with species from different parts of the globe. No need to be a shell collector to enjoy the visit and leave with nice local souvenirs from the shop, while supporting our talented Mauritian artisans.

Fans of hiking, trekking, or simply nature lovers, do not miss a stop at the Heritage Nature Reserve, a natural reserve, an extraordinary place in terms of flora and fauna. Several trails that you can also do on foot or by bike, with different points of view await you; rest assured that you will not be disappointed. Dense forests offer the sight of several endemic plants and protected animals. A small picnic by the river, amid this awesome lush nature, a beautiful waterfall that awaits you for a dip: this could compose an invigorating encounter with Mother Nature during your vacation!

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