Mauritius Island: our rainbow, our inspiration, our motherland

In the North: The beautiful red-roofed chapel of Cap Malheureux is worth a stop. As children scatter bread crumbs over the green lawn, red cardinal fodies, with their bright scarlet feathering, flock and hop around. Not far away, a man selling watermelon and ‘maison rouge’ mangoes is humming a popular tune on the joyful tinkling of his bicycle bell.

In the East: You can climb to the top of the Lion Mountain, a few miles away from the Ferney Valley. There, as you close your eyes and let the gentle breeze brush your face, you can imagine large ships sailing turquoise waters towards the luxuriant coast. The lagoon simply is a wonder of nature. It teems with the most beautiful and colourful array of fishes. The dolphin fish, the blue-barred cateau, the parrot fish and the damsel fish are among the most fascinating of them. In its spotless blue drape, the sky stretches to infinity.

In the West: In the hot season, the western landscape takes on an African Savanna look, as the fields turn golden under the scorching sun. The branches of logwood trees are heavy with yellow flowers and nests, where black-headed weavers find rest and shade. Who would resist the temptation of a slice of juicy pineapple with a sprinkle of cane sugar and salt, at that very moment?

In the South: The breaking waves leave a trail of white foam like a bridal veil, pushing meshes of dark green kelp onto the shore, where all kinds of shelves find themselves entwined. Also green are the Casuarina trees, which can be remotely seen in the direction of the “Weeping Rock”. Is that rock really weeping or is it a figment of our imagination?

If it really did cry, no one would dare to approach…

Our island:

Our island is magical, an inspiration for many poets, a spring of joy for its people, a fond memory for those who have left and wish they could come back – if only for a moment to delve into the beauty of its scenery.

Our dear little Mauritius island, you are so precious to us. We will forever honour you, for your colours shine over our rainbow nation, a haven of peace like no other.

Natur Lza

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