Mauritius – a potpourri of spicy flavors!

One of the reasons why our small island is so amazing, is because of all the cultures that coexist serenely over an area of ​​1.865 km2. From a Dutch occupation, followed by the French and the British ones, coupled with the settlement of the Indian indentured workers and Chinese traders and the arrival of slaves from the African continent… this sets the tone for a better understanding of this blend of cultures found in Mauritius. Come and take a closer look at what we have done with all this beautiful heritage!

This striking diversity can be found, in each community’s traditions, language, religious beliefs, music, ancestral dances, as well as in our Mauritian cuisine. It is, indeed, not surprising to find at every street corner, here and there, antique Catholic, Presbyterian or Anglican churches, a grandiose mosque, or a superb Hindu temple, and further on, a colorful pagoda… Each Mauritian practices his own religious rites as deemed appropriate. The muezzin’s call to prayer, the church bells… are among the sounds that have always punctuated our daily lives. An intercultural tour is highly recommended to discover some architectural marvels and old-aged rites.

If the Creole language brings together all the Mauritians who can all speak it, the population also communicates (with a local accent), in French, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri… according to their own ethnic group. This sometimes can foster funny situations as Mauritians can easily combine in the same sentence, more than one language! Thanks to this diversity, it goes without saying, that our cuisine is a potpourri of spicy flavors. Indeed, our Chinese specialties, our beef biryani, our dholl puree or “7 cari” on a banana leaf, pulses and a rougaille of sausages with a lot of rice…, all accompanied by our famous pickles and our “pomme d’amour” (small tomatoes) chutney, can make it difficult for you to choose, and that is why you should taste everything! The best option is to indulge in our famous street-food. In addition, as if nature wanted to make its own contribution, our various seasonal fruits make up an extraordinary fruit salad: pineapple, guava, papaya, mango, lychee, banana… so many flavors in your multicolored plate!

Your ears may most probably, pick up more easily the vibrant rhythm of our Sega, however, you may also be seduced by the Chinese dragon dance, or the colorful dance performances of the Indian community… The various cultural festivals, celebrated in style by each component of the Mauritian society, are enriching experiences for our visitors, a kaleidoscope not to be missed: Cavadee (fire-walking ceremony), Maha Sivaratree (pilgrimage to the sacred Grand-Bassin Lake), Chinese New Year, Pilgrimage of the Blessed Father Laval…

An island offering such an impressive mix of cultures, where such a harmony reigns, arouses admiration and deserves our attention. Beyond the picture postcard Mauritius, there is history to be heard, people, very proud of their differences to be encountered, a mix of flavors to be tasted and an array of colors that would take your breath away! In fact, Mauritius is to be discovered using your five senses! Now, it’s up to you to let yourself be touched by the uniqueness of Mauritius!


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