Interview local lady Entrepreneur – Mauritian Artist

As part of our Sustainable journey at Mautourco, we always strive in promoting local initiatives. On this International Women’s Day 2023, please meet with Rachel Caprice, a young and passionate local artist, Founder of the Mauritius Art Corner.

Our guest Rachel, after having worked nearly 4 years in the Tourism sector, decided to start her own entrepreneurial venture.  She shares with us today her interesting journey.

What prompted you to start your own journey as an entrepreneur?

As we were affected by Covid-19, I unfortunately lost my job and spent my days at home. During this time, I started to paint. I always loved art since I was quite young. I still remember my art classes at school. It became my favorite hobby. One day, one of my neighbors who knew I was into art asked me to do a Buddha painting for her. I accepted the order, and this was what triggered my sense of entrepreneurship and the wish to set up a small business around art. I started to advertise and got registered as Local Artist and Small business.

Can you please explain to our readers all about your business, the Mauritius Art Corner?

Our Mission is to promote Mauritian talent, and our first aim is to make people recognize the true meaning of Art through paintings, songs and slams. We are here to inspire and encourage the young Mauritian generation to embrace themselves and feel free doing and sharing what they love for a living or simply as a passion. We create opportunities such as exhibitions for Mauritian artists and encourage more and more participants thus connecting people who share different ideas and visions. Our main goal is to create awareness through Art.

How did your interest in Street Art start?

I am always in awe walking down the streets of our capital city admiring the street arts. Port- Louis is a rich city full of Mauritian culture, historical places as well as art. In my opinion, we should be putting more emphasis on this art, which is part of our cultural heritage, and encourage more tourists to discover Mauritius through our art.

I always wondered what it was like to paint such huge surfaces and grabbed the opportunity to perform street art with the collaboration of Cap Tamarin, a Smart and Happy Village on the west coast. It was an amazing experience. I’m willing to start again anytime soon.  

Tell us more about your participation in Mauritian Cultural events?

Since 2014, I have been participating in various events, such as an international logo competition where my goal was to create a logo using our emblematic bird, the dodo. I enjoyed being part of this international workshop. I was part of AFC2020 (Art for change) to raise awareness and help stray dogs and Kiltir 21 which was an exhibition of artworks. Various other exhibitions (Les Artisans Oubliés, LOOT NFT WORLD, an online auction, many Cascavelle Meet the Markers editions, live painting sessions at Tamarina Hotel, REcup’n’Make Challenge at the Mauritius Glass Gallery, face paintings with the collaboration of Ministry of Culture and Decathlon and also Phoenix Beer for World Cup 2022, exhibition and sales of artwork at Beachcomber Trou aux Biches in collaboration with Magna Carta Mauritius). I also organised an Art exhibition at Lakaz Flanbwayan, to name a few.

What are the priority skills and qualities that one should have to get started as a Street Artist?

First of all, to start anything, you should have the will to do so. As a self-taught artist, I worked very hard to reach a certain level. Persistence, patience and discipline are crucial to be able to reach the level you want to be. Some people choose to enhance their creativity by opting for fine arts. I had the chance to discover such artists when I organised an exhibition under Mauritius Art Corner in collaboration with Lakaz Flanbwayan in Medine. In art, you also have the ability to let your imagination flow with a sense of adventure and passion. Artists tend to leave a part of themselves in their artwork and to me this is magic. Faced with their artwork, you’ll dive directly into each artist’s universe.

Do you have a project for the immediate future that you would like to share with our readers, still relating to Art? If yes which one?

I am indeed planning to work with a big Mauritian Shopping Mall for a workshop for live painting for children and adults.

What is your greatest satisfaction when performing your activities?

My greatest satisfaction is to be able to admire my finished artworks in which I put patience, my soul and passion to get to the result. Also, I love diving into art as it makes me feel free and eases my mind. I can be myself and share my artistic thoughts with others around me. I’m also always happy and willing to help those who need advice whenever I can.

Through your art, what are the messages that you wish to relay to the younger generation?

Never give up on what you really want in life. Whatever we do is art to me. Painting is art, work is art. Studying is art as well. Even if sometimes you may meet with difficult situations, this will only help you improve and see things from a different perspective. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded at the end of the day.

Besides, art is also a vector to share our cultural and artistic heritage with our visitors from abroad. Our art portrays our diversity and helps in sharing the true essence of our small island Mauritius.

We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to Rachel and wish her the very best in her future artistic endeavors.

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