Great and original ideas for your wedding proposal in Mauritius

Have you finally found your One and Only, your forever sweetheart ? Nothing looks great enough for your chosen person ! What could you come up with to surprise her and give her memories to cherish for a lifetime ? An island, a dream setting, a destination and our expertise : Mauritius !

So when time is ripe for you to kneel down, there’ s nothing better than to do so during a lovey-dovey vacation.

Romantic, you will choose a beach at sunset, barefoot in the sea: somewhat classic. If your future half is a mermaid, why not throw your fishing-net during a deep sea diving session ?

Daring, you could take advantage of an helicopter flip, to flip her over and ask the fateful question suspended in mid air.

Should you be a thrill-seeker, you may surprise her at the top of a mountain, facing the blue ocean, after a dizzying ascent.

Golfer, you may prefer a green setting as far as the eye can see, on one of our prestigious golf courses, and trying an approach … you can easily make your beautiful princess swing.

Is your loved one environmental friendly ? Well ! go for an outing to one of our protected sites to discover endemic plants and in the midst of those rare species, you may declare that she is your rare gem !

One thing for sure … whichever the option you may choose, we assure you that the answer can only be a big YES ! We have witnessed so … we can be trusted !


REASONSNOTONLYBEACHESReasons to visit Mauritius: Not only beaches and tanning!
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