From Sugarcane to Shining Star of The Indian Ocean

shining star of the Indian Ocean

As Mauritians all around the country gather to celebrate 51 years of Independence, let us take a look at the history of tourism in Mauritius.

From a small British colony mostly focused on agriculture and manufacturing, Mauritius became the economic tiger that it is today when it embraced Tourism and other sectors after its independence. Determined to make use of its natural environment, Mauritius launched its first hotel in 1952 which started an economic miracle.

Thanks to its ever-hospitable population, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, Mauritius has grown to accommodate numerous 5-star resorts as well as an international level airport and an extensive infrastructure which welcomes almost a million guests every year.

Today, Mauritius offers a wide range of experiences for a diverse clientele. From mountain hikes, to private jet services and adrenaline filled water sports, to the always popular long walks at the beach, Mauritius has come a long way.

It was a long road but our small island has now bloomed into a full-grown international destination.

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