Fascinating fact in History of Mauritius: Sir William Gomm and Lady Gomm

In 1842, the newly appointed Governor of Mauritius, Sir William Gomm brought the gratifying news that Indian immigration was at last authorized under the supervision of an agent residing in India. This was followed by a series of local regulations on the matter.

In 1847, all proceedings before the Superior Courts should be carried on exclusively in English, leading to a feeling of sadness, as it was the disappearance of another cherished custom of old times, the use of the French language.

In the hope of counterbalancing such melancholic thoughts, Lady Gomm started the idea of completing Comte de Malartic’s (the French Governor from 1792 to 1800) monument at the Champ de Mars. She organised a Fancy Fair, whereby necessary funds were secured.

This was the source of inspiration for the multiple Fancy Fairs that were to be organized in the years to come locally.

Lza M Natur

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