Le Morne Beach

Under the shades of the huge Le Morne Brabant mountains, Le Morne Beach is known as the ultimate surfing spot on the island. This uppermost Mauritius surf spot is famous for the ‘One Eye’. Indeed the ‘eye’ surfers see on Le Morne mountain’s rock face when they find the ideal spot in which to catch the perfect wave!

Tamarin Bay

Enjoy more of the world-class waves. Tamarin Bay is known by Mauritian and tourists to be a great spot for surfing. You will even find a surfing school available should you wish to learn surfing or simply rent materials.

Riviere des Galets – Ilôt Sancho

This spot will offer you with steady waves. It is additionally an extraordinary spot to unravel and appreciate the distinctive setting. On this southern shore of Mauritius, you will discover the islands most out of control and least designed stretch of coastline, complete with dramatic ocean cliffs and thrashing waves made by the gaps in the reef.