Enriching interview with an enthusiast: Hondoline Collet-Guillaume – String Art

Our guest this week is Hondoline Collet-Guillaume, Reservation Officer at Hertz, the voice-over of our posts on our social networks. Among her many passions, she shares with us today one of them: String Art.

How did your interest in String Art start?

String Art was a ladder that I climbed during the darkest period of my life. Five years ago, I was at the lowest period of my life, completely at a loss and unable to enjoy simple joys that life had to offer. I sought support and had to go through several activities to help me overcome this ordeal. The goal of these activities being to cultivate self-love, I had to come up with DIY items at each session, using the common materials I had at home. A can of coffee, a roll of paper… and during my last session, I had to create something to represent my healing and strong will. I searched the internet and discovered String Art. I thought to myself, “let’s do something different” with a lot of will-power because I really wanted to heal and claim back my life. I explored and got started; a week of inner research, determination, and there was my first artwork. I will never forget it as it represents my freedom, my healing. While looking forward to getting back to the normal “me”, I discovered an even better version of myself. Art is love and since then I have kept on creating because the more, I do, the more I feel free, strong, and so much more in harmony with myself.

Can you please explain to our readers all about String Art?

String Art is the art of arranging a piece of yarn between stitches to form patterns. A wire is then wound between a grid of nails fixed on a board. What is interesting is that we can create names, mountains, animals, whatever you have in mind. Everything is possible.

What are the priority skills and qualities that one should have to get started in this discipline?

Inspiration, enthusiasm, and above all patience. These are the main steps before making an artwork. You need wood, the ability to draw the desired design, drive in the nails, fill it in and finish with refinements such as paint, photo, or even pyrography.

Did you have to undergo a specific training?

No, I discovered the techniques on YouTube and added my own creativity to it.

Are there any national or international associations which you have joined / or with which you have affinities with regards to your activity?

I do not form part of any association and I do not know anyone around me who does String Art. On the other hand, on social networks, I follow a lot of international artists on Instagram who practices String Art.

What would be your recommendations for a beginner who would discover the same enthusiasm about String Art?

You must equip yourself. Wood, nails, a hammer, wire which are not necessarily materials that we have at home. Before getting into String Art, first think about doing a short list of what you will need for the realization of your artwork.

Do you have a project for the immediate future that you would like to share with our readers, still relating to String Art? If yes which one?

I am currently working on a project, the <Woman Circle>, to promote women and most importantly highlight the benefits of craftsmanship. The launch is scheduled for the month of June. My team and I will welcome around thirty women for workshops regarding well-being and especially an initiation to String Art, painting, and other types of art.

What is your greatest satisfaction when performing this “activity”?

The first benefit of art is fulfillment, art makes us fall in love with life and with ourselves. I always say that I did not choose String Art, but String Art chose me. It is like a relaxing therapy. Passing the colored threads through the nails allows me to let go and it gives me an inexplicable inner tranquility. What I prefer above all is the pleasure of giving and receiving. Through my art, I share love. My clients order my artworks to please their relatives and friends. It is a so soothing to know that I can give this feeling to my clients and more so, that these clients, subsequently, become friends.

Our warm thanks to our colleague Hondoline for this intimate sharing and for her dynamism and her great availability.

Instagram account : Honneddoline Collet-Guillaume

Stay tuned for further talks.


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