• Dedicated airport counter

  • Meet & Greet airport services

  • Personalised welcome & assistance services (cold towels, flower garlands, corporate gifts)

  • A team of dedicated airport representatives and porters

  • DMC with the highest number of covered parkings

  • Multilingual team

  • 24/7 access to our representatives from all hotels

  • Dedicated counters in specific hotels

  • 24/7 customer care service

Our Tours Separator


  • An extensive fleet of modern vehicles in different categories (Platinum, Prestige, Private Car, Club Executive, Club Family & Standard). Exclusive helicopter transfers can also be arranged.

  • Round the clock Planning Department

  • Experienced and trained drivers

  • Modern technological amenities such as GPS monitoring and Wi-Fi access


Our Sustainable Principles

Commitment to the Environment and Community Engagement

Sustainable Award

Ecolabel Blue Oasis (MS165 standards)

This award recognizes our company as the first Sustainable Destination Management Company in Mauritius delivered by the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) in May 2022.

About MS165 standards – Blue Oasis

The Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) has introduced the STMSCS whereby Hotels & Accommodations and Tour Operators operating within the Mauritian jurisdiction and territories, are certified as per the Standard MS 165 (Sustainable Tourism Management System) labelled as the Blue Oasis.

Since 26 April 2019, the MS 165 standard has gained full recognition by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Hence, organisation obtaining the Blue Oasis label can claim they are conforming to an internationally GSTC recognized standard.

SP Sustain Certification from Sanderson Phillips

Mautourco have been certified SP Sustain, a Sustainability Certification from Sanderson Phillips , an authority in travel safety operating in the United Kingdom. Mautourco has thus been recognised for Compliance in Sustainability Management through SP Sustain.

SP Sustain is a certification process which tour operators, travel providers and accommodations can undertake to establish if their sustainability activities are in line with internationally accepted best-practice criteria for the travel and tourism industry. The system is delivered by Sanderson Phillips, who have 25 years’ experience auditing properties and suppliers and independently peer reviewed by Global Secure Accreditation.

Sustainable Tourism Mauritius Gold Award

This award honours Mauritian tour operators that stand out in promoting sustainable tourism practices while driving environmental and responsible awareness in Mauritius. Leaning on 3 strategic pillars: Economy, Society and Environment, Mautourco has been multiplying many efforts during the past years.


We are busy ensuring our guests and employees health and safety at the heart of this “new normal” travel experience. We are pleased to announce that Mautourco was awarded its Safe Travels Certificate from the local authorities.

  • Partnership with Sanderson Phillips (UK Travel Safety Consultants): Auditing of accommodation which are being sold by Mautourco.

  • Continuous quality and safety checks of our suppliers.

  • Inhouse training of employees to enhance our customer service.


  • B2C Mobile Application for In–house guests.

  • API developed inhouse allowing direct connectivity with international tour operators and hoteliers.

  • Connectivity with Channel Managers for static and dynamic rate distribution.