Cruising in Mauritius: The Pleasure of Sailing

The crystalline waters of our beautiful Mauritius allow us to enjoy beautiful cruises at sea aboard catamarans, regardless of the location you embark at. I was thus invited to discover the northern islands and was all excited and dazzled.

As I arrived at the embarkation spot at Sunset Boulevard in Grand Baie, I discovered with great enthusiasm this two-hulled boat, one next to the other, offering more stability than draft.

Once the anchor had been lifted, we received guidelines from the commander and set sail towards the open sea. From afar, we saw the few hotels on the North coast and I pictured those who were barely waking up, as the destination invites to relaxation and escapism. Soon the waters changed colors, which indicated the depth of the ocean. With his accurate decision-making skills, the Captain ordered his men to hoist the sails up. I then heard words like winch, ropes, Carrick bend, port and starboard. I let them be while observing them. I quickly saw their expertise and experience in navigating while keeping a close watch on us as we leisurely settled on the front trampoline net, putting on sunscreen and polarized sunglasses, protecting ourselves from the darting rays of sunlight.

The captain offered us refreshing drinks and local snacks during the cruise. Exocets made powerful leaps out of the water. We got closer to Coin de Mire, a volcanic island whose shape is reminiscent of the small triangular piece found under a cannon. The white and light Tropicbirds flew in a graceful ballet above the palm trees that kept a steady balance on gentle slopes that perfectly matched the cobalt blue waters.

That is where we were treated to a snorkeling session, as the area was abundant with fish. Damselfish, angelfish, trumpet fish and parrotfish swam in the direction of the current, unafraid of being caught in the net. We were in their territory. When the session was over, snorkelers outdid each other in telling stories of their encounter with their friends from the deep waters.

We then resumed sailing to Gabriel Island, where a fine sandy beach was awaiting us. The captain, who was passionate about history, told us about the northern islets of Round Island, Serpent Island and Flat Island, at the top of which was a lighthouse. Swimming, sunbathing, barbeque, punch drinks, what else could we ask for? That what all of what a well-deserved holiday was about: lazing around in a completely relaxing and safe spot.

The trip back to the mainland arrived too early in my opinion. The delight of such an emotionally rich experience remains a highlight that will remind me of some great memories: those of cruising in Mauritius and especially that of enjoying what Earth offers in its goodness: the wind. Here is hoping that Mauritius preserves the best of its assets for as long as possible: its natural beauty and elements.

Natur Lza

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