Airport Representatives

At Mautourco, our success has always been defined by our ability to make our guests feel welcome and to attend to their every need at each and every moment of their stay. And this starts right at the airport, from the very moment you set foot upon the soil of Mauritius

We always make sure to greet each of our guests in true Mauritian style – with a smile and a warm welcome. A pointed perfectionist, our Airport Supervisor, Rebecca, keeps emphasising this to her team of Airport Representatives. “We are in the business of dreams and first impression really matters. There is no point pretending, it is something that should come naturally,” she says.

“Our job is 90% customer care,” adds the ever-smiling Leena, who has been flying the Mautourco colours at the airport for 13 years now. “You must love what you do because it shows in your work, and our guests can feel that. It is also up to us to adapt to our guests, not the other way round.”

The real work starts much earlier. The team needs to arrange the counter display, get the welcome signs and packs ready prior to the arrival of our first guests. And it sometimes involves getting up in the wee hours of the morning given that on certain days, the first flights from Europe land as early as 4.50 a.m.

It is all a team effort, and each of our 46 team members at the airport is aware of their responsibility for being your first point of contact as soon as you arrive into Mauritius. After going through all the usual formalities, our Welcomers initially take care of directing you all to our counter. There, our dedicated Airport Representative provides you with a refreshing drink of water and a welcome pack, answers any queries you may have and gives you some useful information before a porter collects your luggage. Most of the time, our representative also accompanies you on your way out and introduces you to his colleague, the driver who will safely drive you to your hotel.

Departures are probably less demanding than arrivals but still, there are cases where you may have to travel back urgently for major personal reasons, and in this case, our team can prove to of great support. Our Airport team is also there to assist in case of long flight delays. “We always make sure we are here for them and bid them farewell with a smiling face,” says Leena.

Rebecca agrees that it is always nice when a guest remembers you even years after you first welcomed them. “There is no time for routine at the airport. Each working day is different and even if it means working odd hours, it is a very rewarding job which has personally helped me develop my character. ” adds Rebecca.

Jérôme, Airport Representative for the past 13 years, has always wanted to work as a front-liner with direct contact with customers. This job allows him to communicate daily with people of all nationalities, which for him is very rewarding because he likes discussing a lot with those who visit us.

“I will never forget the most difficult situation we had to manage back in 2010. Indeed, during the Ash Cloud following the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, we have had to work long hours on end for several days and nights during which we had to give our best assistance to all our delayed customers. It hasn’t been easy every day but this has certainly helped me improve my performance. I came out of this experience with much more confidence. ”

Receiving positive feedback from all our partners and customers when they have given their very best in such cases helps them all to always go the extra mile.

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