6 essentials and benefits in Mauritian cuisine: the natural that heals (Part 1)

When visiting relatives or friends, I have always thought about what the essentials in their kitchen, utensils and electrical apparatus aside, could be for everyone. The elements that emerge are practically the same in Mauritius, whether the cuisine is big or small: spices, spices or spices and herbs. Among these, it is unanimous there are some essentials:

Onions: These are universal flavors of which there are some 1000 varieties, classified according to a catalogue and by color. Cutting onions, although it causes significant eye-drops, does not discourage our cooks. They facilitate blood flow.

Garlic: The garlic head consists of several caïeux or “cloves” of garlic. Coming from a vegetable plant, garlic with a strong smell and taste facilitates digestion and stimulates appetite. It has many virtues, among which is the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Ginger: A tuber used for more than 3000 years, it acts against vomiting and nausea while being an aphrodisiac.

Often these first three end up in a wicker or metal basket on a shelf that makes them easier to access in a kitchen.

Cinnamon: In stick or powder, its medicinal uses are remarkable. With a very pleasant smell, it helps to purify the blood and fights very effectively the intestinal worms, stimulating the body. It is eaten in savoury dishes both salted or sweet.

Clove: Clove calls have antispasmodic effects that make it a recommended food to reduce digestive pain and give good breath. In Mauritius, often the clove calls are inserted in an entire orange and leave to macerate in alcohol or any spirit to fight influenza.

Curry powder: The yellow color is highly symbolic, as it is brought by saffron or turmeric. The quality of the powder often depends on the ingredients of the dosage. It is used to make a good sauce to garnish vegetables and meat and has a bactericidal effect.

Why look far when all these ingredients are at your fingertips? Any abuse has an impact on our health but consuming them wisely certainly contributes to our good health. Let us be guided by Nature… She gives us her blessings!

Lza M Natur


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